The purpose of a will is to ensure that the assets that you have worked so hard to attain in the course of your life are distributed to the people of your choice when the story of your life has come to an end.  

Sometimes the story of a person’s life comes to an end unexpectedly.  Having a will can also give you and your family the peace of mind to know that your children will be cared for in the way that you decide by the people of your choice. When parents pass from this life unexpectedly, the decision of who raises their children is often decided by a court of law. A Will allows you to name the guardian you think will give your children the most care, love, and support in your absence.

You work hard and make many sacrifices for your family.  The wealth that you have accumulated should be distributed among those that you love most, in the way that you decide. A Trust allows you to decide how these assets will be distributed and eliminate the waste of costly probate and attorney fees.  

You have worked your entire life to accumulate your wealth.  The fruits of your life’s work should be distributed to the person or people that you choose not languishing in slow court proceedings, or devoured by taxes and fees.  

AtWillUSA Wills and Trusts offers comprehensive estate planning document preparation services that reflect your individual needs.