The New Face of Labor Unions!

Women’s Workforce Federation aka WOWFED Women…The New Face of Labor Unions! by Gena Bettencourt There is a saying in the labor movement: The leadership should look like the membership. In the early labor movement, women were among the first workers to endure the rigors of the industrial revolution and took action to protest their arduous […]

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Equity in the Workplace

In order to be true equals, being equitable is important. What’s the difference? Let’s say that there are a bunch of children who don’t have shoes. Someone goes out and buys all the kids size 8 shoes. The size 8 shoes aren’t going to fit everyone. Each kid needs shoes in their own size.

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Changing the Face of the Workforce

The world has experienced a history of women fighting for social justice by means of the opportunity to achieve an education, to earn wages, to be a voice in the voting polls, and much more. Over time, though, women have sought the opportunity to use their ideas, thoughts, creativity, and leadership skills to invoke change […]

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