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Changing the Face of the Workforce

Changing the face of the workforce

The world has experienced a history of women fighting for social justice by means of the opportunity to achieve an education, to earn wages, to be a voice in the voting polls, and much more. Over time, though, women have sought the opportunity to use their ideas, thoughts, creativity, and leadership skills to invoke change in the world. One of the institutions that women have prevailed in is the workforce.

Historically, these achievements have come at high costs. The fight for equal pay, safer work conditions, health care, and retirement benefits in the workplace was sought after by labor unions who did not focus on female membership. The International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) was one of the first unions to have mainly female membership. They pushed for comprehensive safety and workers compensation laws after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911 killed more than 100 young immigrant women.

Today, many labor associations are known to empower the roles of women in the workforce as well as foster improved working conditions. Presently, women make up 47 percent of the American workforce and are equal breadwinners in 40 percent of families. The Women’s Workforce Federation, founded in 2017, is an association of woman in the workforce which focuses on female membership, and aims to improve the opportunities and support systems women are provided in
hopes of allowing them to prosper, and bring to light to their employers that women are changing the face of the workforce.

Forbes Magazine reports that companies which utilize women in leadership positions are higher quality and have better returns on equity compared to companies who give women little to no opportunities to hold leadership positions. What’s more, companies who accept women in leadership positions are 45% more likely to report improved sales. Women are proving to be irreplaceable.

WoWFed’s mission is to “build and empower women by advocating benefits, opportunity, and self-sufficiency for women in their workplaces and homes.” The association is partnering with more than one organization who can provide benefits to its members at reasonable and affordable costs.

In its hope to bring prominence to its female membership WoWFed will be kicking off their activities at the Central California’s Women’s Conference in Fresno, CA.

American Labor Alliance’s Chairman Marcus Asay has proudly contributed to WoWFed in remembrance of his mother who was the epitome of hard work. He fully supports the entire mission of WoWFed. Marcus believes women are capable of being passionate, skillful, creative, world changing leaders.

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