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When #TIMESUP We Stay the Course

More than 300 women boycotted color by wearing black dresses as a statement of solidarity at the prestigious Golden Globe Awards this past January. This was a bold move to demonstrate that women will no longer accept sexual abuse and harassment as “just part of doing business” in Hollywood. Here is a quote from the letter explaining what the black dress was about:

“We seek equal representation, opportunities, benefits, and pay for all women workers…”(#TIMESUP solidarity letter)

And here at WoWFed, we agree. In fact, the #TIMESUP solidarity letter is familiar to us. Our mission is to build up and empower women by advocating benefits, opportunity, and self-sufficiency for women in their workplaces and homes. We see that emotions are running high since the longstanding and institutionalized abuses of artists in the entertainment industry have been exposed. We don’t want this to be just more lip service. This as an opportunity for real change. For real change to take place, we have to be willing to do the deeper work of teaching people at all levels what it means for women to be equally represented in terms of benefits, pay, and opportunities.

Many will say that they are in support of the #TIMESUP movement. How many well intentioned people can articulate what it means for women to be equally represented, have equal opportunities, equal benefits, and equal pay? How many of those people could take it one step further and present a plan that would make equal representation, benefits, opportunities, and pay a reality in the near future? We are WoWFed.

As the first women run labor union and association, we see that the real need lies in building the bridge between where we are, at the end of the ticking clock, and living in a world where every organization has a clearly articulated policy that spells out what it means to equally represent women, offer equal opportunities, equal benefits, and equal pay and fulfilling that policy is a requirement of working at any organization. WoWFed will be there to help our nation’s organizations from the smallest shop to the largest multibillion dollar operation develop policies that honor the needs of each employer organization and each worker. WoWFed will also be there to help organizations do the fundamental education that must accompany every major organizational policy change. Assuring that every employer and every worker has a clear understanding of what is required of them and what their rights are.

When we stay the course, we finish what we start—even when the going gets tough. This is a battle cry to women everywhere. We will not allow this to end at a black dress. This will not blow over. We will not go away. We are here to change the world. We insist, using the power of our voices and the power our spending, on inspiring every organization large and small to do the right thing. We will develop the framework that only organizational policy coupled with on point training can assure. #TIMESUP Stay the course!

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