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Working Mom’s Manic Morning Hacks

Women's and Child's Sandles

Mornings are no fun. Trust me as a mother of four, we have had our share of unfun mornings. You are in a chaotic mad rush. Somehow you must get yourself (possibly your spouse) and your children out the door and to their various locations and still make it to work on time. After quizzing over 30 or more women, here is the number one recommendation for making morning’s a bit less manic.

There are simple ways to make mornings go smoother and faster. Did you know that establishing an organized predictable routine, that works even with strong-willed children? In honor of Mother’s Day and all working moms who are still in the trenches, here are a few hacks to make your mornings go smoother and less stressful.

Morning Hacks

Three words to make mornings magnificent, preparation, preparation, preparation. Plan ahead and set a routine and them stick to it. Getting everything prepped and ready the night before makes mornings go off without a hitch.

Get ready first

Take time for you. Self-care is critical and before you can take care of anyone else, you must first take care of you. Get up before your children and take time to drink your coffee or go for a quick stroll and then get yourself ready before everyone else gets up. Happy and relaxed mom equals happy and relaxed family.

Delegate to dad

Now if you are a single momma like me then this will not apply to. For those moms who happen to have a dad at home, it is okay to designate some of the tasks to their partner.


Make sure that lunches are ready to go the night before. Some supermoms prepare meals on the weekends.


Pick out clothes the night before or better yet, as soon as your child is old enough get them involved. Let them lay out their own clothes the night before. This will bolster their self-esteem and take a little pressure off you. Plus it is never too late to start teaching them responsibility. Oh, and Mom, you can plan your outfits for the week. Come Monday morning you will be thanking yourself for getting the hard work done in advance.


Prepare backpack, have sports gear ready to go. Have your kids put their shoes next to their backpacks. Sign all the notes and have a designated area next to the door for easy access as you are dashing out the door.

Here are few tips straight from some momma’s

Danielle wrote that,

“Everything is done the night before. Clothes, lunches, backpacks packed even breakfast dishes are out on the table.”

Christina shared that she makes sure all bags are packed (including lunches) for her family of 6. The shoes are lined up by the door.

Chelsia suggested reliving the pressure of being on time by calling into work!  Just joking, it may be tempting to call in and crawl back under those covers. However, we do not recommend it.

Bad Moods in La Manana (the Morning)

Comically, the discussion shift toward the topic of dealing with bad moods and strong-willed children.  Caitlin shared that when her child is moody she dresses him, throws him over her shoulder and walks out the door! Mothers light-heartedly made fun of their own crankiness One mom said that she playfully tells her daughter that she will call the fairies to turn her into a goon if she does not get ready for school.

Another mom shared that it is a struggle for her. She lays down on the bed beside her reluctant and has a tantrum with her. We all can relate to her and quite possibly have felt like throwing a tantrum ourselves.

Be compassionate to yourself.  “There is so much pressure to do everything and to do everything. Once you realize that doing all of these things is not just a lot of pressure but also a physical impossibility, things get easier.” — Emily Kalanithi, Cup of Jo

If you have anything to add we’d love to hear your suggestions on how to juggle a busy life with kids!

Sketch of Mother and Child Walking with Calligraphy text of word mom

The hard-working mother…

Never sleeps or rests

Pushing until light falls

And pulling until day breaks

The hard-working mother…

Is the ice in the fire?

Yet keeps moving with pride in her step

And motivation in her heart

The hard-working mother…

Is like water,

Always taken for granted until needed,

Used every day yet not noticed,

Takes different forms but is never awarded

The hard-working mother…

Gets tired and frustrated,

Gives love and compassion,

Always needed never replaced

Only one day is given,

Only 24hrs is spared

To the hard-working mother,

Whose burden was never shared

Justice Bernard Brown


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