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Morgan Freeman offers a halfhearted apology after being accused of sexual harassment

Words Associated with Sexual Harassment

After being accused of sexual harassment the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman offered a half-hearted apology, saying that he never intended for his behavior to offend anyone. Freeman said that it was never done intentionally.

A production assistant described an account where Freeman kept tried to lift her skirt over and over, asking her if she was wearing underwear. Sixteen individuals claimed they witnessed or were subjected to Freeman’s inappropriate conduct.

A CNN reporter, Chloe Melas, shared that Freeman spoke to her inappropriately. Melas described an incident of Freeman shaking her hand and not, “letting go while repeatedly looking her up and down and saying more than once a variation of, ‘I wish I was there’” — and also “You are ripe.”

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) who recently awarded Freeman a lifetime achievement award is considering corrective actions against the actor. We live in a country in which we aspire for justice, But, we believe that person is considered innocent until proven guilty. SAG believes that Freeman is entitled to due process. They also believe that the claims of harassment should be accepted as true because the victims should be supported.

Women’s Workforce Federation (WOWFED) is solution-oriented and desires to create ways to end sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. Additionally, WOWFED is dedicated to developing methods for moving forward.

WOWFED designed a poll to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts about steps leaders can take to resolve issues of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. Please click on the link below and let your voice be heard.

When a person in a leadership role behaves inappropriately, how should management respond?

Link to Poll - How should leaders respond

PBS News Hour Jocelyn Noveck, Associated Press

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