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5 Super Sun Safety Tips

Most of us wouldn’t dream of going to the beach or pool without sunscreen, but many times we forget that ultraviolet radiation is everywhere.  Exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) is happening all the time.  Even on overcast days, your skin gets a lot of exposure to dangerous UV rays.  Everyday chores like walking the dog, weeding your flowerbeds, or watching your kids at soccer practice can expose your skin to dangerous amounts of UV radiation.  Skin cancer, the most common cancer in the US, is most commonly caused by exposure to UV radiation

Take these simple steps to protect yourself from dangerous UV radiation all year:

  1. Double Up. Two heads are better than one and at least as far as sun protection goes. The superior way to protect your skin is to use more than one sun protection method.  Sun savvy people enact a sun safety strategy that includes sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, lightweight protective clothing, sunglasses, and plenty or shade.
  2. Timing is Everything. The sun’s rays are strongest between the hours of 10AM-2PM, so schedule your playtime to put yourself out of the way of the sun’s harmful rays during these hours. Don’t forget that the sun’s rays reflect off water, snow, and concrete, which can have a magnifying effect and increase your total UV exposure!
  3. Adopt a “Zero Tolerance Policy.” There is no safe amount of UV exposure!  All exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays raises your risk of skin cancer and evidence of skin damage like dark spots and wrinkles.
  4. No One is Immune. Sunburns certainly can look and feel different for different types of skins, but don’t be fooled!  UV rays are dangerous for the skin of all colors and tones.  A single childhood sunburn increases your odds of a future skin cancer diagnosis, aAnd,
  5. Fake Tans Do Real Damage! Tanning beds work by exposing you to high levels of harmful UV radiation that make your skin darker.  Sure, you already knew that tanning on purpose in the sun is bad for your skin, but indoor tanning is just as bad, and it won’t protect you from future sun exposure.  In fact, already damaged skin is even more likely to get sunburned.

The life-saving treatment for skin cancer is often a series of painful surgeries that leave significant scarring.  Use these strategies to protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays this summer.  When there are so many ways to be safe, it just doesn’t make sense to take risks.  Here’s to being safe and having fun this summer!


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