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Back to School Tip 1: Connect with other working moms

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Back to school is here again! How did that happen? Summer just flew by. Transitioning from summer to fall can be daunting, especially when you are working mom.  Balancing work expectations with the needs of your children and household can be tough, but don’t let the stress get to you.  If it feels like there is no easy way to keep a clear head and stay on task, check back for the next five days to learn valuable tips to help our WOWFED Moms survive the back to school season.

Tip 1: Connect with other working moms

Get connected with other working moms.  One way is to join a Facebook community like WOWFED Working Moms.  A community of other working moms can help you feel grounded and can keep you from losing your sanity. Working moms are super supportive. They get it. They are going through similar situations, and they are feeling the same emotions.

We all need to have a safe place where we can vent and feel heard. Working moms are carrying a heavy load this time of year and we sometimes need a little validation from other working moms.  For overall complaining, coping, and time management ideas, your working mom friends will gladly listen to you, support you, and help whenever they can.

Additionally, many working moms have similar schedules. For all the 1:30 play dates you’ve missed, connecting with another working mom opens up the opportunity to set up play dates work with your workday. The unseen benefit is that you have an opportunity to nurture strong relationships with other women who know what you are going through and will stand by you when you need support.

Managing back to school time will never be perfect or foolproof. Working outside the home brings its own added stressors. The balancing act can disrupt your life as you try and adjust to the new school year. Know that you are not alone.  We are all in these muddy trenches together.

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