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Back to School Tip 3: Save Time by Shopping Online

Back to school is here again! How did that happen? Summer just flew by. Transitioning from summer to fall can be daunting, especially when you are working mom trying to balance work expectations with the needs of your children and household. As working moms, it feels like there is no easy way to do this, keep a clear head, and stay on task. Each day for the next five days we will be offering tips to help WOWFED Moms survive the back to school season.

Tip 3: Save Time by Shopping Online

Why throw everyone in the car in 100-degree heat to trudge to the Mall, not to mention the back to school crowds, when you can get it done from the comfort of your own living room?  Plus, who really wants to deal with fending off the requests and tantrums for toys and candy? It is not worth it.

Today, we can shop online for backpacks, clothing, and even school supplies. Many online retailers deliver in a little as 2 days.  Think of the time and energy you could save by sitting on your couch, filling up your virtual cart and then clicking the “check-out” button. Investing in a measuring tape will help you to ensure that you are buying the correct sizes—even if they have changed.  Most clothing sellers have a size chart that tells what the measurements are that correspond to the size.  You can apply this time saving online strategy to grocery shopping as well.  Many of today’s grocery stores offer online ordering service. Some deliver, others have you drive up and they bring the groceries out to your car.  I do my ordering on Saturday and pick it up Sunday evenings, so I can be prepared for the work week. As a “mompreneur,”  I treasure every moment that I don’t have to spend cruising the aisles or standing in line. The price to shop online is the same and often less than shopping in traditional stores, and you avoid the budget-busting impulse buys.

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