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September was a busy month for Women’s Workforce Federation (WOWFED).

On September 14, 2018, WOWFED teamed up with She Stories and Her Space to listen to the stories of women who had successfully negotiated for higher pay or better working conditions.  The She Stories event encouraging women to negotiate for themselves in the workplace was empowering and unifying. The event featured the lovely, humble, and tenacious Aileen Rizo-Acosta.  In addition, it presented three additional inspiring stories us with unique and emotionally moving stories. The stories were deeply transformational, it is difficult to find words to clearly express how grateful we were to have been fortunate enough to have been a part of this event.

Each storyteller had their own unique take-away on their own experience of negotiating at work.  We learned that we should embrace cultural diversity, and not be afraid to shoot for our dreams.  We learned that we must love ourselves and see ourselves as beautiful. The trick was to pray for your eyes to have the ability to see yourself as beautiful.  We learned that as women we must come together and stop the girl on girl workplace drama.  There is a great deal of powerful feminine synergy when women join forces.  Finally, we learned that taking a stand for what is right takes diligence, perseverance, tenacity, and sacrifice.  The sacrifices made by the women who have gone before us and the legacy we leave the women who will come after us makes it all worth it.  Every time a woman stands up for her rights, she is standing up for the rights of every woman and every girl. Every time a woman takes a stand, she is paving the way for our daughters, our nieces and every little girl who deserves the right to receive equal pay for equal work.


On September 25, 2018, WOWFED was a sponsor of the Central California’s Women’s Conference. If you came by our table you learned that we are a woman run labor organization.  Our mission is to build up and empower women by advocating benefits, opportunity, and self-sufficiency for women in their workplaces and homes.  To empower women, we must close the gender pay gap, and promote safe, respectful, harassment-free workplaces.  The theme for this year’s Women’s Conference was to “Be the Difference.”  WOWFED is “A Different Kind of Union, Equality Strong.”  We invite you to get to know us and learn the many ways that we work to empower our fellow working women.  Learn about our affordable ERISA based healthcare benefits, ERISA based retirement savings plans, Member Perks Discounts, Gender Equity Certification Program, and monthly capacity building events.  We talked with more than 240 women and gave away as many sparkly WOWFED bracelets.  We also gave away two beautiful self-care gift baskets, handmade by WOWFED staff.  We look forward to growing our network and expanding our circle to be a source of strength and support for an ever-growing community where men and women work side by side in safe and respectful work environments.

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