Historic Year for Women in Politics

This year has been a historic year for women. Women broke rules toppled male incumbents in primary elections, and ran for State and National office in historic numbers.

Maya Angelou’s quote “Each time a woman stands up for herself…she stands up for all women” could easily be the theme for 2018.

Women did indeed step up. They became candidates, volunteered, voted and advocated. At the center of the nation’s politics were women, regardless of their political associations. Women ran for office in epic numbers. This year 590 women ran for Congress, of these 273 remained nominees on Election Day. No matter how many women won, American politics have forever been changed by the outpouring of women. Nearly a third of all female nominees were women of color, the highest ever. A record number of women ran against other women, many had previously served in the military or C.I.A.  Many women of color defeated white male incumbents during party primaries. It was a precedent-shattering year!

Female candidates disregarded advice to pretend like they did not have a personal life. Women joined their personal and political lives, presenting their families in their promotions and sharing personal stories about family struggles with drug addiction, debt, surviving sexual harassment, abuse and other struggles that many Americans personally identify with.





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