Being the Change


We are making some changes here at WOWFED.

The changes have been happening within us for months, but now they have taken form. We are faced with a situation where our outside no longer looks like our inside. We are making this post to let you know that you will be seeing some new and different kinds of content on WOWFED’s social media pages.

Where We Started

Let me explain. We have been working for the past year as the first labor union that is completely run by women. When we began, we sat down and had some heartfelt conversations.   What does that mean?, what should our mission be?  What actions should we take to fulfill our mission?

…to empower women by advocating benefits, opportunity and self-sufficiency for women in their workplaces and homes.

Figuring out the change that we wanted to effect was challenging.  The real work has been figuring out the best way to set about making that change. We tried some different ways to engage women in our communities with the intention of empowering them. The trouble was, the women that we wanted to reach were too busy.  They were working–sometimes two or more jobs.  A meeting was out of the question.  

We thought maybe if we closed the skills gap…  Perhaps it was that women lacked the soft skills that allowed men to succeed in the workplace. I reached out to the AAUW and learned about salary negotiation skills that could help women to negotiate for higher pay. We hosted a storytelling event with HerSpace Fresno where local women shared their experiences about negotiating for higher pay. But somehow, we were still missing the mark.

How We Got Here

We realized that what women really needed was equal pay, safe, respectful, and harassment-free working conditions.

We created a Gender Equity Certification Program to help employers understand and make effective change that would improve working conditions, not just for women, but for everyone.

Where We Are Going

Then we devised a strategy to reach out to employers. That strategy involves analyzing publicly available data from cities, counties, and educational institutions. Then we present the results to employers and encourage them to take steps to come into compliance with State and Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws.

We think that this is the most important work that we can do to empower women in the workplace. We will be sharing content related to gender equality in hiring, pay, promotion, and safety in the workplace–including the data. We look forward to seeing all of you on our social media channels in the future!

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