Gender in California City Government: The First 50 Cities

Downtown City Building

We have been busy crunching the gender equality numbers in California cities!


Here are some of the preliminary results: 

We have analyzed 52 California cities. 




Highlights of the Study:

25 of the 51 cities analyzed employed 30% or fewer female employees in 2017. 

1/3 of the cities studied employed more than 30% and less than 41% of female employees.

Nearly 18% of California cities employ more than 41% female employees.

Just 6% employ more than 50% female employees. 

Nearly half of the cities we studied employed very few (30% or less) women. 


If an organization is hiring fairly, then the number of females employed by the organization should be similar to the number of females that reside in that community.  The US Census indicates that the range of female residents in these fifty one cities ranged from 48.1 to 53.6 percent.  Our results were not consistent with the expected results of fair hiring practices. 

We expected that there would be greater representation of women overall in the California cities we evaluated.  We noticed that some smaller cities like San Joaquin, Belvedere, Gustine, and Perris, showed up very strong with nearly equal numbers of male and female employees in their organizations. 


Cities that did not show up as well were Bakersfield, Huron , and Farmersville (19%, 13%, and 14% female employees respectively). 



Thank you for reading this preliminary report.  We look forward to continuing our analysis of the public sector agencies in California and sharing our findings with all you. 

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