Gender Pay Gaps in 80 California Cities


Most of us are familiar with the 18% pay gap figure published by Pew Research for 2017. 


How do California cities measure up?   


Are pay gaps in California city governments better, worse, or the same as the national average?   


We analyzed the gender pay gap in 80 California Cities.  



We saw a wide range of pay gaps in the city governments we studied. 

Pay Gaps in California cities ranged from -16% to 65%


How did California cities compare to the national average?

24 Cities had pay gaps that were 18% or less. 

56 cities had pay gaps that exceeded 18%.


What was the Average?

The average pay gap for all of the cities we studies was 23.4%

The median pay gap was 25%

The pay gap that occurred most often (6 times) was 29%


Fairness in hiring, pay, and promotion play an inestimable role in creating workplaces that have a culture of inclusion where everyone can engage fully.  At Women’s Workforce Federation, we work to promote safe, respectful, harassment free workplaces that meet the needs of businesses, employees, and consumers. 

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