5 Super Sun Safety Tips

Most of us wouldn’t dream of going to the beach or pool without sunscreen, but many times we forget that ultraviolet radiation is everywhere.  Exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) is happening all the time.  Even on overcast days, your skin gets a lot of exposure to dangerous UV rays.  Everyday chores like walking the dog, […]

Click bait fuels negative body image

Working Mom

Some marketers design content with the deliberate purpose of attracting attention by enticing visitors to click on a link to a web page, with the intention of making a profit. Women are powerfully influencing marketers. Marketers are influenced to post sexualized body shaming content that negatively portrays women every single time a woman clicks on […]

Morgan Freeman offers a halfhearted apology after being accused of sexual harassment

Words Associated with Sexual Harassment

After being accused of sexual harassment the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman offered a half-hearted apology, saying that he never intended for his behavior to offend anyone. Freeman said that it was never done intentionally. A production assistant described an account where Freeman kept tried to lift her skirt over and over, asking her if she […]

Does #MeToo Help or Hurt?

Tarana Burke the co-founder of the organization Just Be Inc. (a nonprofit focused on improving the health and well-being of young women of color) gave life to the phrase ‘Me Too’ (Connley, 2018). Actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet in October 2017 made it go viral. Since then the phrase has become a movement, and the movement […]