Does #MeToo Help or Hurt?

Tarana Burke the co-founder of the organization Just Be Inc. (a nonprofit focused on improving the health and well-being of young women of color) gave life to the phrase ‘Me Too’ (Connley, 2018). Actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet in October 2017 made it go viral. Since then the phrase has become a movement, and the movement […]

Do you have a Gender Bias? Take the Gender Career IAT Quiz to find out!

Women and Men in Uniforms

As I sat waiting for my latte, a woman asked if she could have the seat next to me. Me being the outgoing extrovert that I am, I started a conversation with her. I probed her about why she was at the café. She shared that she was just visiting the city because she was […]

Women in Leadership Roles Share Advice About Rising the Ranks

Women Setting in front of Computer Working

Women getting into the C-Suite At Fortune 500 companies women account for a mere 6.4% of the CEOs. What are the factors holding women back from the CEO position, and how can they overcome the hurdles? According to the Leadership Crisis Report, there are many factors hindering women from breaking through the glass ceiling. These […]

Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay

Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay -Aileen Rizo holding child

Equal work deserves equal pay – A small step for one woman equals a giant leap for countless California more. One women’s small victory has huge implications for all California Women. Early in April 2018, a local math instructor Aileen Rizo celebrated a huge victory winning her lawsuit against the Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE). […]

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery VBAC

Doctor Brown

Dear Dr. Brown, My daughter is expecting her second baby. Her first baby was delivered via cesarean delivery and her obstetrician has declined to allow her to attempt a vaginal delivery (VBAC) for this baby. I had two babies normally, then a cesarean delivery, and then two more normal vaginal births. Why would my daughter’s […]

The New Face of Labor Unions!

New face fo labor unions

Women’s Workforce Federation aka WOWFED Women…The New Face of Labor Unions! by Gena Bettencourt There is a saying in the labor movement: The leadership should look like the membership. In the early labor movement, women were among the first workers to endure the rigors of the industrial revolution and took action to protest their arduous […]